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Greenhouse Saskatoon Olive Oils

The Tasting Studio is always a

Tasty & Memorable Experience...

The Solar Gardens Tasting Studio is open seasonally from the beginning of April through to Christmas. To check current hours click here.

We have about 30 types of olive oils and 80 types of white and dark balsamic vinegars to sample. They're tasty on their own, but you can now sample them in all sorts of combinations with our daily fresh baked wood fired oven baguettes. A truly tasty and memorable experience.

In the Tasting Studio we also carry a varying selection of gourmet foods such as Italian chocolate amd jellies,  bread dippers, jams, jellies, salts, spices, BBQ sauces to name a few. 

Many of our Tasting Studio products are used in our Firestick Cafe menu and dishes. We experiment regularly with our oils and balsamics and debut the best in our Firestick Cafe menu.

When visiting the Tasting Studio, be sure to sample our 3 most popular products: Organic Butter Olive Oil (tastes better and is way healthier than real butter and is fab drizzled over popcorn, corn on the cob, and potatoes too), Espresso and Dark Chocolate Balsamics (which are great drizzled on fresh fruit or cake or baked into cookies). In fact, they taste so good that some people just drink them....although we don't recommend doing so (at least not straight from the bottle)! Now mixing up a balsamic cocktail...that's another story!

Creative minds

are never at rest...

The Tasting Studio is not only a great place to taste all sorts of really flavourful products, it's also

a great place to hang and have fun with your friends!