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Please Read First

We've included some important details about visiting the Firestick Cafe that you should know before you go!

Once you've read this section, or if you have booked with us before, scroll down to the bottom of this page to make a reservation.

Saskatoon Restaurants

The Firestick Cafe

(Open seasonally from beginning of April though the end of September). Private Event Bookings for groups are available year round)

Click here to learn more about our delightful Cafe on our farm.

Reservations are made in 20 minute blocks, but each reservation you make ensures you a spot for 2 hours. Please disregard the 20 Minutes indicated on the reservation details page. For reservations for more than 6 guests, please TEXT 306 280 2761 (fastest reponse time) or click here and fill out the email form at the bottom of that page.

Please allow at least 1 1/2 hours for your Firestick wood-fired dining experience.

Our Full Menu is only available Saturdays and Sundays. 

Reservations are not required for our Thursday and Friday Make Your Own Pizza and Drinks Days.

Make a Reservation Arrow Blank

It's easy to reserve a table at the Firestick. Just click on the "DAYTIME RESERVATIONS" box or the "EVENING RESERVATIONS" box. Then click on the "SEE TIMES" in the long green box. Next choose the date and time for your reservation and fill out the form. 

If you are making a reservation for more than one person the best way to do so is to include the number of people that will be in your party (individual names are not necessary) beside your name as a "+ number". For example, if you are reserving for yourself (John Doe) and your 3 friends, simply enter in the NAME box "John Doe + 3" (no need to include the quotation marks). The confirmation will only be sent to you (John Doe), the person reserving, but we will know how many people are accompanying you and will reserve a table of appropriate size. Please note that your "+ number" can be no larger than 5. If you would like to reserve a table for more than 6 people please text us your request to (306) 280-2761.

If you are taking a Saturday or Sunday public class at 2pm you should make your dining reservation for 12:20pm or earlier. If dining after the class you should make the reservation for 4pm or later.  

Dining reservations can be made at the earliest, one month in advance.

If you do not see an immediate confirmation in your inbox, check for it in your promotions, junk or spam files. If you haven't received your confirmation anywhere it's best to retry, making sure that you have entered your email address correctly.

If the time that you desire does not appear, check back often as we sometimes get a cancellation or 2.

  And lastly, if your plans change you can easily 'cancel' or 'change' directly from your email or text confirmation.

Intrigued? Excited? We hope so!