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It's easy to book. Just click the box of the class you're interested in. Then click on the 'SEE TIMES' in the long green box. Then choose your date (available dates are found in the grey boxes) and fill out the form.

If you prefer to see all the class dates at a glance you can check out our 'At a Glance' calendar.

At the beginning of the season, we put aside a number of preset dates where we offer classes that you can join individually or as a group. We call these pre-set dates "public classes" and they are an amazing deal, costing less than if you arranged your own class time. If you are booking a public class on this page for more than one person, the easiest way to do so is to include the number of people that will be in your group (individual names are not necessary) beside your name as a "+ number".  For example, if you are registering for yourself (Jane Doe) and your 3 friends, simply enter in the NAME box "Jane Doe + 3" (no need to add the quotation marks). The confirmation will only be sent to you (Jane Doe), the person registering, but we will know how many people are accompanying you and save spots for them. You may forward your confirmation to the others in your group if you wish.

Do you and at least 4 other friends have a different date and time in mind that you would like to book a class other than the public class dates? We can arrange a time that suits your schedule and we call these personally arranged times "private classes". If you would like to book a private class for your group (for a minimum of 5 up to 120 people) you will not be able to do so from this page. Please send us an email from the CONTACT page to arrange a group booking.

If you do not see an immediate text and email confirmation in your inbox, check for it in your promotions, junk or spam files. If you have not received an immediate confirmation (or text) then we have not received your registration. Best to resubmit making sure that your email address and phone number have been entered correctly.

Lastly, if your plans change you can easily 'cancel' or 'change'  your booking directly from your email or text confirmation. 

Be sure to scroll down in the box below to see all of our class offerings. 

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