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We just have a few things that you need to know about Solar Gardens before you visit us. Knowing these things will help guests of all ages have a great time and will ensure that Solar Gardens continues to be a safe working farm for all of our visitors.

Solar Gardens is a working farm and our home. We have 2 friendly large dogs (Dexter sporting a blue collar and Quin looking dashing in red), a fenced swimming pool which is next to the Firestick, a large forest which surrounds us, a deer fence surrounding the entire 50 acres, and a variety of farm machinery on our property. 

Because of our dogs, pool, forest, and machinery, visitors coming to our property with children need to consider these as potential risks. Solar Gardens welcomes people of all ages. However it is imperative that parents closely and vigilantly supervise their children at all times while at Solar Gardens.

If you have a dog in your vehicle, large signs at our gate direct you to leave your pets in your vehicle, park outside the gate and to walk in. Please do so to avoid harm or stress to your pet (and our dogs) or damage to your vehicle (scratches from our dogs jumping onto your vehicle to try to get to your dog or pet).

You will need to open a gate to enter Solar Gardens. The instructions on how to open the gate are printed on the gate (ie slide the red handled bar to the right). Don't be put off by the gate being closed. Our gate is always closed - even on days we are open ;-)

Because we are so close to the highway it is important that the gate be closed behind you to prevent our dogs and any children from running onto the highway and getting killed.

 We hope that you will visit us soon and often, and that you will enjoy our Solar Gardens as much as we do.


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