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If you've never visited Solar Gardens (or even if it's been a while!), you can find out more about our Living Art Company. We have some policies in place to help ensure our guests have a great time when they visit, and to make sure that Solar Gardens continues to be a productive and efficient working farm.

Please note that Solar Gardens is a working farm and our home with friendly large dogs, a swimming pool, a large forest and hazardous farm machinery. We leave it to your discretion if you wish to visit us with children under the age of 12. If visiting with children it is imperative that your children are closely and constantly supervised for their protection.

If you have a dog in your vehicle, large signs at our gate direct you to leave your pets in your vehicle, park outside the gate and to walk in. Please do so to avoid harm or stress to your pet (and our dogs) or damage to your vehicle (scratches from our dogs jumping onto your vehicle to try to get to your dog or pet).

We fully recognize that serious accidents or harm can regrettably and unexpectedly happen to children in the presence of a swimming pool, farm equipment, and/or unfamiliar dogs, and we acknowledge that even the most friendly dog's behaviour can be unpredictable in certain situations, especially around children and other dogs and animals. And we have seen how readily even the most attentive parent's eyes can be drawn away from their child in a busy environment such as this.

We trust that our customers also recognize these facts, and we trust that you will understand, value and respect these firm and important safety restrictions related to the wellbeing of your child and animals.

We hope that you will visit us soon and often.

Solar Gardens The Living Art Company thanks you for your respect and cooperation in these important safety matters.

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