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Firestick Cafe

MYOP (Make Your Own Pizza) 



Woodfired Pizza

(Seasonal - April through end of October)

Our popular Make Your Own Pizza (aka our fixed price MYOP special) on Thursdays and Fridays is reservation free. Our MYOP days are unique - how often do you get the chance to create your own wood-fired pizza in a restaurant? - and they offer a fun and relaxing experience for the end of the work week.

Our regular menu is not available on Thursday and Friday MYOP days.

On Thursdays and Fridays our MYOP special is a fixed price of $25 per person. (This even includes taxes. We pay the $3.42 tax bill.) Gratuity not included.

Just show up any Thursday or Friday between 11am and 8pm. Last seating on Thursdays and Fridays is 7:40pm. Our MYOP's are seasonal and this year begin March 30 and 31 and run until October 26 and 27, 2017

Your $25 includes:

  • Topping your own 10" personal thin crust pizza that we then bake in the wood-fired oven - how CRAZY is that??
  • A beverage (choices include one of the following: a pop, coffee or tea, domestic beer (our choice) or house red or white wine).
  • A sweet, scrumptious slice of Summerberry dessert pizza with tasty, sweet toppings (like 4 types of berries, cream cheese, toasted marshmallows and dulce de leche cream)
  • ALL TAXES INCLUDED - we'll pay ALL the taxes (GST, PST and LCT) and THAT'S A BIG DEAL now that the new budget has dropped upon our heads. The taxes are up, but our fixed price MYOP shall we say - remains the same as last year...fixed!
  • Gluten-free pizza shells are available for an additional $3
  • Fun and creativity and laughs!

Our 5 flavours of wood-fired wings will also be available to purchase as an add-on, as well as our popular sangria pitchers.

The fixed price MYOP special is $25 no matter what beverage you choose.

It's a great deal  (more so now with the tax increase) even if you don't choose an alcoholic beverage. 

It's also a lot of fun and a great experience! Part of the appeal of our fixed price MYOP special is the unique experience of topping your own pizza and designing your own special one-of-a-kind creation that suits your one-of-a-kind tastes. MYOP days are the only times that you are going to have that opportunity (unless you have arranged a private group MYOP on another day of the week).

You'll also enjoy the experience of being near our wood-fired oven and during MYOP days you'll be able to relax with your friends or family in a casual environment.

We understand that some of you may want to enjoy one of our pizzas but not participate in the fixed price Thursday/Friday special. No problem! You can still enjoy a wood-fired pizza on Saturdays and Sundays by clicking here to make reservations. We have a large selection of pizzas you can order that we will make for you. As well as a large complete menu with appetizers, salads, bread trays, fresh baked wood-fired baguette sandwiches, pizzas and lots of desserts. 

Privately arranged group MYOP parties can be arranged on any day of the week with a minimum of 10 guests. The cost is $25 per person but taxes are not included, whereas Thursdays and Fridays taxes are included, and there is no minimum number of guests required. 

Creative minds

are never at rest...

Our Make Your Own Pizza and Drinks Days on Thursdays and Fridays are

a great place to hang and have fun with your friends!