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Gift Certificates

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Just can't decide on that

Perfect Gift? Think Gift Certificate.

Solar Gardens has just the thing for you....that "perfect gift certificate".

Our gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and used for absolutely anything at Solar Gardens including any of our classes, the greenhouses, Tasting Studio, the Firestick Cafe or an event or party. Our gift certificates never expire. Either purchase when you're here or give us a call or email us at solargardenclasses@gmail.com and we can simply hold it here in the Tasting Studio for you or the recipient to pick up. We can also email or text a copy of the gift certificate to you (which is really great if you need your gift in a hurry!).

And best of all, our gift certificates never expire.

To purchase just call or text 306-280-2761 with your credit card info or purchase when visiting the Tasting Studio.

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