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at Solar Gardens.

RESTAURANT HOURS (re-opening for the season on April 5, 2018)

Thursdays and Fridays: Kitchen opens at 5pm and closes at 8pm (our property gates lock at 9pm)

Saturdays and Sundays: Kitchen opens at 12 noon and closes at 8pm (our property gates lock at 9pm)


Our dream was always to have a "baking studio" and wood-fired pizza oven where we could experiment with wood-fired fare, balsamic vinegars and oils, and teach the art of wood-fired bread baking to others.

So several years ago, we rebuilt our original personal use summer kitchen and pizza oven, built a fully equipped commercial kitchen and named it The Firestick Cafe.

We want you to unwind and have a leisurely experience when you visit the Firestick Cafe.

No reservations are required or accepted.  

Weather permitting, you will have a choice of dining in a variety of lovely indoor and outdoor spaces - the all season "take me to the church' dining hall with attached games room, covered linden deck, poolside deck or glass conservatory.

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The Firestick Cafe

(Open seasonally from the beginning of April through to Christmas and open for Private Event Group Bookings year round)

Reservations are not required or accepted for the Firestick Cafe. 

We also book the Firestick for special private events such as retreats, meetings and art shows, parties, stagettes, stags, reunions and all types of gatherings. You can arrange an event by clicking here and filling out the form at the bottom of that page or by texting 306 280 2761.

The cafe is open on Mother's Day, Victoria Day and Father's Day, but closed on Canada Day.

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We also offer the MYOP on Mother's Day and Father's Day. On these days no reservations are required or accepted. Drop on in! On Canada Day we offer a succulent bowl class, but the restaurant is closed.

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Book Year Round Parties - Christmas + Others

Over the years we've thrown some really fun parties here at the Firestick in every season.

Everything from groovy 'mix & mingle"' poolside appetizer parties (on the pool deck)  to casual 'make-your-own-pizza' parties  (on the Linden Deck)  to engagement parties (in the glass conservatory) to festive (often with much, much merriment) Christmas parties in our warm and cozy all season "Take me to the Church" Dining Room (with attached Games Room).

For even more fun, combine your party with one of our many fall & Christmas classes or spring & summer classes or winter classes

We're pleased to take on the challenge of providing all sorts of special requests to make your party fun and memorable - and sometimes fabulously 'over-the-top'!

Let's put our thinking caps on and start planning something fun...if not fabulous!



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Happy Hours  - 3pm to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays


Greenhouse Saskatoon

Grumpy Hour

(Available seasonally from beginning of April through to end of September)

Every Sunday from 11am to 12pm receive a complimentary mimosa (Champagne & OJ) with $13 food purchase.

If you're a little grumpy when you arrive you won't be when you leave!

A Bit of Firestick Cafe Info:

Our food is created when you order it and most items need to spend at least some time in our real wood-fired oven (we do not use large commercial electric or gas ovens that other restaurants utilize). As a result, the preparation of your meal may take a little time if the oven is busy. On the other hand, the flavour infused by the wood fire is second to none. We have a large beverage selection to help you relax and pass the time if there is a delay. We offer free Wi-Fi service as well.

To enter our acreage you will need to open a gate. Instructions on how to open the gate are posted (slide red handle to the right). Please be sure that you close the gate behind you to prevent our dogs (and your children) from running onto the highway and getting injured or worse (killed). We truly appreciate and thank you for your cooperation and courtesy in keeping our kids (ie our dogs) and your kids safe and sound. 

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