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Solar Gardens

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Wholesale Succulents

Solar Gardens - The Living Art Company

Need to contact us? TEXTING us is by far the fastest way to get our attention. But you can also scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out our email contact form.

Phone or TEXT this number for Greenhouse and Wholesale Questions: (306) 280-2762

Phone or TEXT this number for The Firestick Cafe or Tasting Studio Questions: (306) 280-2761.

Please make dining reservations on the FIRESTICK CAFE - RESERVATIONS  page.

Hours of Operation? Scroll down.

E-mail: solargardenclasses@gmail.com or better yet, use the handy CONTACT form below.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 8741, Saskatoon, SK CANADA S7K 6S5

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2018 Hours of Operation

We're always closed every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (except for privately arranged classes, private functions and certain holiday Mondays).

Our gate is always closed - even on days we are open. All you have to do is open the gate (slide red bar to the right), drive thru and then close the gate behind you. Closing the gate will prevent our puppies (and your children) from running onto the highway and getting killed, as well it will prevent the deer from entering and eating our garden and trees and wreaking havoc in general.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and courtesy.

The Tasting Studio

  • Seasonal April through to September
  • Open Thursdays thru Sundays
  • 2018 hours April 5 to September 29 11am to 8pm

The Succulent Nursery Greenhouses

  • Seasonal April through to end of September
  • Open Thursdays thru Sundays
  • 2018 hours April 5 to September 29 11am to 8pm
  • Classes offered every month but March

Firestick Cafe

  • Seasonal April 5 through to September 29, 2018 11am to 8pm
  • Open Thursdays and Fridays for MYOPs. No reservations required or taken.
  • Open Saturdays and Sundays for Full MenuReservations required. 
  • Dine in the Grand "Take me to the Church' Dining Hall with Games Room, Poolside Deck, Covered Linden Deck and Glass Conservatory
  • Can be booked for Group Events and Parties any day of the week, year round.

Holiday / Special Hours 2018 -  all 11am to 8pm

  • Everything opens (Greenhouses, Firestick Cafe and Tasting Studio)  April 5, 2018 at 11am
  • Open Father's Day Sunday June 17
  • Closed Canada Day Monday Monday July 2
  • Closed Civic Day Monday August 6 
  • Closed Monday September 3 Labour Day
  • Everything closes September 29, 2018 except for...
  • Open for private bookings for classes, parties and functions year round.

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