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Solar Gardens

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Olive Oils

Here you can see 'at a glance' all that is upcoming (including all scheduled classes) at Solar Gardens and the Firestick Cafe.

If you wish to make a booking you cannot do so from this calendar. To make the actual booking you must click on one of the links in this or the next paragraph. For all the info about a class (class descriptions, pricing, dates available and registration) click on one of these links for spring/summer classes, fall/Christmas classes or winter classes. On this page you can only see the class schedule, not the class availability.

For a restaurant reservation click here, For a class information and registration click here for spring/summer classes, here for fall/Christmas classes, or here for winter classes. To book a private class, event or party click here (then fill out the email form at the bottom of that page). When registering for a class or making a reservation for the restaurant, once you have clicked on one of the links in the previous sentence, only available dates will be shown.

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