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Solar Gardens, The Living Art Company is a unique Saskatchewan garden centre, cafe and artistic experience created and operated by Roger Valliere and his partner, Chris.

Solar Gardens specializes in succulents and air plants (and a few cacti). We incorporate artistry and creativity to showcase these beautiful plants alone and in artistic arrangements that we are thrilled to share with our clients.

Using Solar Gardens' amazing succulent collection and Roger's creativity, visitors to the greenhouse can sign up for fun, informative classes to design their own succulent arrangements to take home.

Finally, Roger and Chris bring their passion for great food to life with the Firestick Cafe and their line of specialty oils and balsamics (which you can taste before you buy!)

The History Of Solar Gardens

Wholesale Succulents Greenhouse Saskatoon

Chris prefers not to say how many years ago he first began collecting succulents, but he assures us that it was decadeS ago ("with a capital 'S'", he adds). While visiting Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California many years ago (about 35 years ago...but who's counting?), he was intrigued by the bizarre and unique plants he eventually came to know as "succulents".

Like collectors of all things know, it all started with a single item, in this case a single succulent. And of course, like all collectors know, he found it hard to stop, enchanted by the beauty and variety of each species.

Finding and collecting new and rare succulent varieties became an addictive hobby. Fascination with these beauties took him to many far away countries and he eventually began to import new varieties that were not commonly found in Canada. The collection slowly developed into one of the largest private collections in Canada, if not North America.

The collection became so large that it seemed a natural next step to learn how to propagate and build a hobby greenhouse to care for these beautiful treasures.

This "hobby" greenhouse was one of the first buildings they constructed on the current Solar Gardens acreage, a 50 acre property purchased in 1998. A wood fired pizza and bread oven, a summer kitchen (which is now a full fledged commercial kitchen) and ceramic studio were constructed over the years, and more commercial greenhouses have been added to house the ever-expanding succulent collection.

Chris and Roger's love of gardening has led them to building a truly unique and astounding garden centre, They are continually working on the grounds and the landscaping of Solar Gardens. Like any gardener knows... a garden is never complete. They believe that, is what makes gardening such a captivating endeavour. Planning, building, landscaping, planting, refining, pulling weeds (and more weeds) is all part of the process that they cherish.

Their love of variety meant investments in a restaurant with the incredible 'take me to the church' dining hall, patios and greenhouse expansions, as well as a Tasting Studio for their exotic line of extra virgin olive oils and balsamics, as well as food products from around the world.

Creative minds

are never at rest...

Roger and Chris are even now dreaming of ways to bring more of their passions to their customers, adding to classes, events, products and building on to their garden oasis.

Visit soon and often to keep up with their creations!